NDE / NDT Services

Our large diverse group of employees brings expert experiences to provide you with the best NDE / NDT services in the industry.

Radiography (RT)

Engineering & Inspections Hawaii maintains complete mobile darkrooms with processing facilities to deliver immediate results prior to leaving your job site. We are the only NDE Company utilizing Fluorescent Screens and specialized film to increase production and decrease exposure time for concrete radiography. This also allows us to achieve an exposure through 14 inches of concrete.

Ultrasonic (UT)

We offer services including Manual UT Thickness Readings, Phased Array Technologies, Advanced Manual Ultrasonic Flaw Detection and Sizing, Automated Ultrasonic Inspection, and A- Scan B-Scan and C-Scan with three-dimensional Viewing. Our systems are adaptable for many applications. In addition, we locally now have an AUT operator and access to many inspection systems adaptable to most any size or configuration of piping, plate, tanks and vessels.

Liquid Penetrant (PT)

We stock virtually all applications of Liquid Dye Penetrant Materials from solvent removable to fluorescent, as well as water washable penetrants.

Magnetic Particle (MT)

We have the capabilities to provide Wet Fluorescent and Dry Magnetic Particle Inspection with yokes, probes and coils. We also have a P-510 mobile power pack with 4000 AMP AC/HWDC capabilities. This unit is perfect for turbine parts such as diaphragms, rotors, and large quantities of studs and bolts. Large enough for bigger projects and mobile enough for field applications.

Pipeline X-Ray Crawler Units

We utilize JME Pipeline Crawlers. JME pipeline crawlers are designed to produce high quality panoramic radiographs of circumferential butt welds in new pipelines from 6 inch to 60 inch pipe. These units are designed and proven, both onshore and offshore, to work as a fully self-contained, self‑powered exposure vehicles.

MFE Tank Floor Scanning

Engineering & Inspections Hawaii uses the Mark IV Tank Floor Scanner for fast and reliable tank floor scanning. The scanning system helps to find defects by showing a comprehensive detailed MFL map of the tank floor bottom.

Ultrasonic Tank Crawlers

We have acquired the Scan Tech C-1 Spider System. This ultrasonic thickness testing scanner is capable of scanning various areas of equipment such as up the side of tanks, tank roofs, pressure vessels, piping of various diameters, piping in the horizontal position, piping in the vertical position, columns, reactors, and many other applications.

Hardness Testing

We have added a state of the art unit for hardness testing to our inventory.  The Proceq Equotip 3 is a rugged, durable, metal hardness testing machine which is suitable for most metallic work surfaces.

Positive Material Identification

E&I Hawaii has the capability to do Positive Material Identification (PMI) capabilities. The Olympus Innov-X is fast and reliable for positive material identification system.