The "Wavemaker"

Engineering & Inspections Hawaii is pleased to announce the second generation of the guided wave ultrasonic technology named the “Wavemaker”. This technology opens a new era in global inspections capable of characterizing long runs of pipe from a single inspection point.

The Wavemaker system has been redesigned, lighter in weight, and more compact than prior systems along with an upgraded software and programmed in C++. It is the new low frequency ultrasonic tool that utilizes both torsional and compressional waves that can detect corrosion in pipe up to 200 feet in either direction from a single inspection point.


  • Soil to Air Interfaces
  • Road Crossings / River Crossings
  • Fueling Facilities / Tank Farms
  • Pipeline Systems located in Harbors
  • Pipelines Buried under Pavement
  • Municipal / Buried Pipeline Systems
  • Insulated Lines / Coated Piping
  • Wall / Bulkhead Penetrations
  • Rapid Screening of Multiple Lines
  • Corrosion Under Insulation
  • In Plant – In Service Systems
  • High Overhead Lines
  • Applications are Endless


  • Excavating of Locations
  • Insulation Removal and Installation
  • Erecting / Disassembly of Scaffolding
  • Pipeline / Systems Down Time
  • Independent of Fluid in Pipe
  • Ability to Detect Severe Axial Cracks
  • Ability to Test Nearer to Large Features
  • Does not Require Launchers of Receivers
  • Experienced Operators and Analyst
  • Immediate Results on a Daily Basis